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11 Best Android Soccer Games



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Football is a sport that is loved by almost all the people of the world. Fans of this sport generally like to play football on the gridiron or on gadgets. There are 11 best Android soccer games that must be played by football fans.

In addition to channeling hobbies, playing the best Android soccer game can also be a place to add to your network. Many communities who love this soccer game were finally formed because of the common passion. Want to know what are the best soccer games for Android and tips for playing soccer games during WFH? Read this article to the end, yes.

Die Hard Fans! These 10 Best Android Soccer Games To Play

The presence of Android gaming phones is increasing the number of users of football games on this platform. Interestingly, the 10 best Android soccer games that will be reviewed here can be downloaded for free. Check out the list below, yes:

1. FIFA Soccer

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You could say that FIFA Soccer is one of the best-known Android soccer games. The reason is, apart from the Android platform, this one soccer game can be played on other platforms. FIFA Soccer was developed by developer Electronic Arts (EA) and has a variety of play modes.

One of the most played is the PVP mode. In this PVP mode, players can compete in this online game with other players around the world. However, if playing skills are still not proficient, players can practice against the computer first. The choice of clubs in this game is also diverse, you know. There is the Spanish League, Italian League, English League and a choice of other leagues.

2. World Soccer League

The World Soccer League is no less popular than FIFA Soccer. The excitement of this soccer game is because it is filled with 60 clubs, 60 national teams and has a total of 2000 players. Players can feel the game like a soccer game in the real world.

Interestingly, the World Soccer League can be played in 4 modes, namely Exhibition, Cup, Training, and League. The developer of this game is Mobirix and can be played on Android 4.0 and above.

This game has a rating of 4.2/5.0 on Playstore , pretty good for an online game, right?

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3. Football Strike

The next best Android soccer game is Football Strike. Fans of multiplayer soccer games should try this one game. The reason is, players can position themselves in any position, such as striker or keeper.

In addition, when choosing multiplayer soccer, players can choose shooting race mode or free kick mode. Well, the dream of becoming a dead ball executor can be realized through this one game. So that the fun is multiplied, invite friends to join in playing in multiplayer mode. This game can be played on Android 4.1 and above and has a rating of 4.4/5.0 on Playstore.

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4. Dream League Soccer

Developed by First Touch Media Ltd, Dream League Soccer is aimed at “potential managers” of soccer games. Through this game, players can play as team managers so they can create, control, and even change the player’s dream team.

What makes this game even more interesting is that it has an official FIFpro license. Players can freely play or play their favorite players. Amazingly, players can build their own stadium. Hurry up and download this online game and play!

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5. PES 2020

Football game lovers cannot possibly not know PES. Previously, PES could only be played on PC, now PES has an Android version called PES 2020. There are at least 12 new leagues in this game, including European leagues to Latin American Leagues.

This game can also be a cure for old players like David Beckham, Romario, Maldini, Cruyff, Totti, and also Zico. PES 2020 can be installed on Android phones with a minimum OS of 5.0 and above. At least there are more than 50 million users who have downloaded this game.

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6. Top Eleven 2020

If the desire to become a club manager is unstoppable, then just play Top Eleven 2020. As one of the best Android football games, Top Eleven 2020 allows its players to become managers and even coaches of the national team or club.

When playing as an online game manager, players must make strategies and formations to conquer the opposing team. In addition, the manager can also determine the name of his own club. The fun thing is, players can control all the club’s needs from player transfers, training sessions, formation arrangements, choosing a squad, managing club finances and even designing jerseys for the team.

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7. Real Football

Die-hard fans must play Real Football on their Android. The soccer team at Real Football is equipped with a license as well as the players. As a result, playing in this game provides an extraordinary sensation because the game looks real.

The game modes in this game are also varied plus the graphics are okay. Players can also form teams, manage teams, and build managed club stadiums. Interestingly, there are features to communicate with other players such as sharing videos or photos.

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8. Soccer Stars

It’s not enough just to be a player but also want to be a coach? Just play Soccer Stars. In this game, the player can choose to be both a player and a coach at the same time. Players can get a feel for how contract negotiations for the club are run.

Next, players can start coaching the team so they can win the league. It doesn’t matter if your playing skills are still minimal, this online game also provides a practice mode, really. So, players can improve their playing abilities first.

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9. Winner Soccer Evo Elite

This game is built by TouchTao and can be played on any Android device. If the player’s phone happens to be a low-end Android, this game is suitable to be downloaded. Although the graphic design in this game is not that great, the controls in this game are quite interesting, you know.

There are interesting features in this game ranging from competitive matches, friendly matches, and others. So, low-end Android owners don’t need to be discouraged, this soccer game is still fun to play, really. The rating of this game on Playstore is 4.2/5.0.

10. Score! Hero

Want to try out the sensation of playing the best Android soccer game in portrait screen? Just download Score!Hero and experience an unforgettable soccer game. To be able to win trophies, players must win 600 levels and collect various awards.

Want to do a banana kick like David Beckham? Relax, in this game players can do it because the gameplay supports it. This online game can be downloaded on Android with a minimum of OS 4.0 and above. The size of this game is also not too big, only 95MB.

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11. Soccer Cup 2020

Soccer Cup 2020 is interesting for football game lovers because there are several playing modes including practice, season and tournament. The practice mode is intended to hone the playing skills of the players, especially in terms of scoring goals and dribbling the ball.

In season mode, the player will lead the team to win the game. While in tournament mode players can join the desired team with the aim of winning prestigious leagues. This game is quite friendly for storage because it is only 52 MB in size.

Tips for Playing Football Games on Android during WFH

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One of the challenges during WFH is the difficulty of managing time. There are many things that sometimes make it difficult for workers who are forced to WFH to focus. One of them is the temptation to play games during WFH.

Games especially soccer games require a lot of time to play. Erratic working hours during WFH can make football game lovers complacent. Instead of being productive, a lot of WFH time is wasted because they are busy playing games.

It is undeniable that having to work from home can be boring. Lack of interaction with friends makes time seem long. Finally, the online slot game and many other games can become a tool to ward off boredom. Well, below are some tips that can be picked up so that playing soccer games when WFH doesn’t interfere with productivity.

1. Set Priority

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Working age is the age when a person is able to distinguish which ones are priorities and which are not. Therefore, during WFH, it is important for workers to determine their priorities. Free working hours should be used to get the job done first.

The priority during WFH, of course, is to first complete the work that is dependent on it. The sooner you finish, the more time you have left for other activities such as playing your favorite soccer game while relaxing in bed. Of course this is rarely done in the office, right?

2. Set Playing Schedule

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Setting a gaming schedule is very important when WFH. Free working hours can make a person complacent and reduce productivity. Since online games tend to take a long time to play, decide what time to play.

Of course not in rush hour work. Just take advantage of the one hour lunch break to play. In this way, work is not disturbed, relations with family also remain harmonious. Workers still have time to play, work and interact with their families.

3. Don’t make it a burden

The main purpose of playing is to refresh and get rid of fatigue. For that, play casually and without a burden. For example, today the player can’t win the tournament or fails to score a goal, so don’t get frustrated right away. Remember, games are not real.

Football games will feel fun if played without a burden. Losing or winning is natural. Keep productivity first and don’t be sluggish at work when the team that has been formed in the soccer game fails to score a champion.

4. Invite Friends to Join

To get rid of boredom during WFH, playing with friends can be done. There are soccer games that you can play with friends. Well, take advantage or download this game if it’s not already on your phone. Set a suitable time to play together. The most important thing is not to interfere with the WFH time of friends who are invited to play too.


best android soccer games

Well, that was the list of the best Android soccer games that can be downloaded for free and played. Football lovers have at least one of the online games reviewed above. Don’t forget to follow the tips for playing games during WFH that have been given, okay? Happy scoring through the virtual screen!

These 10 best Android soccer games, are more than enough if you want to have fun in the ball game. And be careful, out there there are also quite a lot of soccer game providers that lead to gambling. There are many soccer betting sites that offer games with real money bets.

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Top 6 Best Online Casino Marketing Strategies to Promote Casino Sites



Top 6 Best Online Casino Marketing Strategies to Promote Casino Sites

The internet is a fantastic area to make money. In this extremely competitive sector, finding and implementing innovative online casino marketing ideas will make you a formidable force.

You can optimize profit and enjoy the overall experience by giving fantastic games to consumers. You may gain loyal consumers, which implies more revenue for your gambling enterprise.

Are you trying to figure out how to promote an online casino? Continue reading for the best online casino marketing advice!

What you should know about online casino Marketing?

Top 6 Best Online Casino Marketing Strategies to Promote Your Casino Sites

People’s communication, employment, and…risk-taking habits have all changed as a result of technological advancements. Online casinos arose as a result of technological advancements.

Anyone of legal gambling age can sign up for an online casino and gamble whenever and wherever they choose. The online casino business is a rich industry because of its high accessibility.

According to data, Europe’s Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR) is expected to reach €24.7 billion by 2020. By 2027, the online gaming sector is anticipated to be worth more than $127 billion.

As a result, online and live gambling create a steady stream of cash, propelling the sector forward. Managers can quickly track casino activities and make even more money thanks to automation. 

When specialists monitor online activity, they can immediately spot strengths and shortcomings, as well as poor choices, and rectify them. They can swiftly obtain statistics while providing a comprehensive picture of cash flow, determining which services are not in demand, repairing them, and avoiding excessive spending.

127.3 billion dollars

“By 2027, the worldwide online gaming market is expected to be worth $127.3 billion, up 11.5 per cent from 2020.”

Along with opportunities, online casino entrepreneurs must contend with one major issue: competition. Every day, a new online casino appears on the Internet, one example is this site. People have a variety of possibilities from which to pick. 

According to market analysis conducted by the American Gaming Association, around 2,800 sites in the United States were active online in 2018. This means that businesses will have to work harder to gain customers.

There’s also the worry that visitors would leave your online casino in search of better discounts and games.

Because of the ever-increasing competition, you must properly plan your marketing activities. Proper marketing can keep you ahead of the competition, establish the correct positioning for your brand, and set your company apart from the competition.

Best Online Casino Marketing Ideas

When done correctly, online casino marketing can result in big profits for your gambling company. To achieve the best results, you must understand how to drive meaningful engagement in an online environment. 

The Jackpocket campaign, which used a marketing strategy to gain more clicks and app installs in 2019, used such a strategy. They experienced an 18% increase in click-to-install (CTI) with the right purpose, which helped them reach out to new prospects.

Build a Website

Best Online Casino Marketing Ideas

You may build a highly functional website with a bright, interactive design by using web tools or hiring IT pros. Focus on a feature-rich, highly functional, resilient, secure, and scalable website with an attractive UI/UX design that complements the brand.

Make sure it provides gamers a sense of what to expect when they enter your establishment.

The goal is to create a site that is easy to navigate and has dropdown menus. Users will find it easier to access vital information on your website if you use dropdown menus.

Focus on putting important information near the logo at the top of your page, such as calendar events and games. On the About page, you can put detailed information, such as your contact information.

Geexarts produced an example of a canonical UI/UX design for the Bwin website. With all those tangible aspects rendered unbelievably appealing, it immediately hooks you into action.

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Start Blogging

One of the cheapest online casino promotion ideas is to start a blog. It’s a convenient way to share essential casino-related information. A blog shows that your casino is active if you submit content on a regular basis. 

Share information about the most recent casino trends, a new product or game, or gaming tips. If you produce optimized material, you will attract the attention of online casino fans.

Another benefit of posting on a regular basis is that you will gain devoted users who are more inclined to recommend your blog to their friends and followers. Even if only a few people read your blog, this helps you advertise your brand.

Send Email Newsletters

Creating an email database is another low-cost online casino marketing strategy. Using email newsletters makes it easier to connect with each customer. This approach of business promotion is simple. 

All you have to do now is get as many email addresses as you can. You can, for example, request users’ contact information via your blog or guest post articles, specific forms, and offers on the site in pop-ups, subscription signup or registration, and so on.

You can send out newsletters on a regular basis to inform consumers about new games, special discounts, and in-game activities. Sending newsletters allows you to send reminders to your customers on a regular basis. The following items should be included in a great newsletter:

  • A catchy subject line to catch the attention of your audiens.
  • A Brief overview of information that you will share.
  • A button or link to offer you explain to your audiens.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is one of the most common ways for millennials to share content. As a result, social media posts must be included in the promotion strategy. More people will see your online casino if you market it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other prominent platforms.

You can also offer various incentives and rewards in exchange for subscriptions and post sharing. Customers will be more likely to share your postings with their friends, further boosting your business. It is preferable to employ a variety of social media platforms to promote your events, videos, and special offers.

Use Affiliate Programs

Do you want to learn how to market a casino online? Another area where you should focus your attention is affiliate marketing for the gambling industry – over 80% of companies and even more publishers rely on affiliate programs as one of their primary sources of revenue. Affiliate programs connect you with websites that will market your online casino in exchange for a fee.

All you have to do is pay a commission to an affiliate every time someone clicks on your ad or visits your website. You pay for what you get with this payment option. As a result, you will not suffer any losses.

Offer Exclusive Bonuses

Offering special specials or promotions is one of the simplest online casino marketing strategies to keep customers engaged. Bonuses add to the excitement and encourage players to play more games at your casino. You can reward people who play certain games with free games or spins. Another clever strategy is to offer individuals the possibility to double their money if they make a deposit.

Users may be able to play for free as part of an unique offer. People may want to deposit money and play more games once they discover how much fun your casino is. The more bonuses you provide, the more likely individuals are to stick with your online casino.

Final Thought

Customers and income can both be increased by online casino marketing. Simple but effective online casino promotion strategy ideas can help you achieve this.

Furthermore, a website’s navigation should always be easy to use. You should also conduct a thorough investigation of the most recent gambling trends. Make it your mission to provide fascinating games and incredible benefits.

Regular emails, blogs, and social media postings will keep your clients interested. You may also use affiliates to bring in new customers. When these online casino marketing strategies are implemented appropriately, your company’s profits can skyrocket.

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