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Get to Know More About PES 2020 Football as the Best Android Football Game



PES 2020

If you’ve been looking for the best Android soccer game, the answer is PES 2020 Football. This game seems to answer Android users’ tastes for soccer games that are specifically released and played online, with their favorite team as the background.

For example, Lionel Messi and Ronaldinho are the background of the PES 2020 Football player screen. PES itself is an abbreviation. More specifically, Pro Evolution Soccer 2020, to strengthen its online function, the word E is added in front of the word PES.

This game is based on one of the most famous football clubs in the world. To support football fans through its Android version. However, a PC version was also released. But this mobile version makes it easy to play the game anywhere.

Developer of PES 2020 Football

PES 2020 Football is one of the best games created by Konami. Konami became the developer of this game because it is aware that there are many football game lovers, especially for Android who want a mobile version of the football game.

Konami is the best game company from Japan. This company was founded in 1969. Many games of various versions have been launched, and have many fans. Likewise with the launch of PES 2020 Football, which has also become a favorite game.

Konami spoils Android game lovers, especially for lovers of the mobile version of football games. This game production company founded in Chuo, Tokyo Japan has released this game since 2019. With the theme of world football club, Konami believes this game is worth downloading.

Konami released this game after the successful creation of the game PES winning 6 which was released in 2006. This game is more realistic than FIFA. In PES you can also play football with the world cup version. This game can also be played singly.

Although in football games, FIFA is very popular, but this time Konami did not stay silent by realizing the tastes of football game fans by increasing the license of famous football clubs. Thus, the more complete the selected football club, the easier it is for PES to be superior.

Release Date

PES 2020 Football was released on July 30, 2019. From that date until October 2019 was the start of the game’s launch. Carrying the mobile version , of course , will be different from the PC and console versions. However, it is different from the game that will be launched like the PC and Console versions.

Especially for fans of football clubs FC Barcelona, ​​MU, FC Bayern Munich, and Juventus, this is good news for fans of each of these football clubs. The reason, Konami displays the football club in this game.

Based on this, since its first release during July to October 2019. This game continues to revitalize itself until now it has received a warm welcome from gamers . Its existence shifts the famous soccer game FIFA, which was already known.

Even since that date, Konami has continued to add football club licenses to make this game even more complete. This is done in order to balance its competition with the FIFA game which is PES’s toughest competitor. Therefore, Konami is more focused on competitive gaming or esports.

Since it was first released, gamers who downloaded this game have reached 300 million users. An extraordinary achievement in the game world This proves that this game gets an enthusiastic reception among football game fans.

PES 2020 Football Features

The gamer must be curious with PES 2020 Football as well as some of its features. The following are some of the features that make this game worth downloading, namely:

1. Game Play Mechanism

This feature makes it easier for players to maneuver and strategize like professional football players. Even this feature can be used before the game starts to dominate the opponent’s field. Thus, the opponent’s position can be controlled and can easily score goals.

2. Match day

One of the newest features of PES 2020 Football allows players to choose and collaborate with their favorite team. You can even play on behalf of your favorite team, which seems to attract imagination to be more real, in playing the game.

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3. Data Transfer Features

If there is important data in the previous PES, it can be transferred to the latest PES. So that each player simply updates the data, without having to lose the data obtained from before. That is why, this feature provides convenience.

4. Master League Features

Every now and then try to become a football player manager, by playing a licensed football club in this game. Thus, the game can be more attractive because every Android user is not only drawn directly to play football.

5. Update from Game Screen

The latest PES feature that was recently launched, modifies players as if they were in the original version, starting from the players, to the field used, adjusted in a form resembling the console and PC versions. Not only that, the football club he proposed is licensed and is a well-known club.

Those are some of the latest features that are presented in this latest release of PES. Thus, it will be easier for gamers to maneuver and carry out strategies, with just the touch of a finger. Because the mobile version has been modified with a touch screen version .

Some of the advantages of these features, will make it easier for players to win the game, by developing a football game strategy before the game takes place. Strategy in football is a very natural thing to do, but of course it becomes easier with this feature.

How to Download PES 2020 Football on Android  

The mobile version of PES 2020 Football is good news for fans of the Android version of the football game. To get the game, here are the steps:

  • The first step to download it can click the link here     
  • Make sure the internal memory available is 1 Terabytes
  • If you don’t click on the link, you can download it from the Playstore
  • Then select PES 2020
  • Install the application
  • Have a nice play

To make the game easier in PES 2020 Football version, make sure to install it correctly in the mobile version , and also make sure there is no lagging in the game, which can interfere with the game. Therefore, it is important to ensure a perfect installation.

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