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FIFA Soccer, Football Fan’s Favorite Android Game



Who doesn’t love football? Yes, almost everyone in the world loves football. Starting from players, clubs, matches, to soccer games. One of the best Android soccer games is FIFA Soccer.

This game released by EA Sports Official has been downloaded by more than 6 million times on the Android PlayStore. Since 2016 this game has become a favorite of football game lovers. EA Sports, headquartered in Redwood City, California, United States, deliberately chose this game to be a game that can be played for free without having to pay to play it.

If you are still hesitant to play this game, here are some of the unique features of this game. Here are some of the features and advantages that make this game the best game in the soccer game category, especially Android.

Free Download

The first advantage of this game is that it is completely free. FIFA Soccer can be downloaded free of charge on Google PlayStore. Although free, this game is very superior in its class.

No need to buy with credit, e-wallet, or debit or credit cards. This game can be played immediately. Fees are only incurred if you want to buy coins in large amounts.

Stunning Graphics of FIFA Soccer

FIFA Soccer, Football Fan's Favorite Android Game

For a game that is downloaded for free, this game is very stunning in terms of graphics. The graphics used in this game are practically equivalent to high-quality games like those on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. Of course, this spoils the players because they feel the experience is like playing and watching live matches with the 3D version.

Investigate a calibaration, this game has been developed by the EA Sport team in Geneva, Switzerland. The EA Sport Geneva team has managed to bring the atmosphere of the game on the European football pitch in an epic way. When starting to play, the user will feel the hustle and bustle of the fans’ voices in the game like in a football match in the real world.

Even the details of the field, the physical description of the football players, to the flags of the club’s supporters were not left behind. Yes, the developer of this game really thought about the details of every football game especially in Europe. So, you don’t have to go far to experience football matches like in Europe when playing FIFA Soccer.

Already Licensed to Use Football Club Name & Logo

No less interesting is the use of player names, club names, logos, and stadiums that are exactly the same as the original. FIFA Soccer has been licensed to use the original player names, logos, clubs and stadium headquarters. Through this game, players will feel the experience like in a real match situation.

Interestingly, every player and club will display statistical data ranging from player rates, player skills, to the overall performance of the mainstay soccer team. Not to forget, in this game there is a UEFA Champions Cup event which has a system almost the same as the original version.

FIFA Soccer Becomes a Famous Football Club Manager

Thanks to the license owned by EA Sports, FIFA Soccer provides users with the experience to become the manager of their favorite soccer team. With this game, users can realize the dream team they want. Starting from clubs, players, stadiums, to the tactics and strategies used in matches.

Users will feel like being the manager of their idol football club. Yes, this is the kind of experience that this game developer wants to provide. Create team names and combinations of football team players according to the wishes of the users.

Do not forget that this game also provides features that support activities like a manager. Starting from negotiating new players, buying and selling players. Until choosing an attractive jersey for the team to use.

FIFA Soccer Becomes a Reliable Soccer Coach

In addition to honing managerial skills like a great club manager. FIFA Soccer also hones intuition and strategy in playing soccer. This game not only offers the experience of being a manager, but also offers the experience of being a reliable soccer coach.

In this game, the user will provide a training menu to increase the skills of the players. Starting from physical exercises such as running, dribbling, passing the ball, to practice matches. Then, do not forget to provide nutrition so that the stamina of the players does not decrease. Like a real soccer athlete, in this game there is even a food menu option for the players.

Multiple Game Modes on FIFA Soccer

There are several game modes in FIFA Soccer. There are three kinds of game modes, namely Attack Mode, Live Event, and Seasonal Mode. These three modes have their own game characteristics.

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First for Attack Mode is a game mode that makes attacking strategy the main point. Yes, users who choose this mode must be able to control the ball from the beginning of the game to the end of the game. If the opponent manages to control the ball, the user will be declared defeated and start the match again. The duration of this game for one round is 45 minutes.

The second is Live Events. This Live Event mode is provided for users who are chasing prizes in the form of coins and gacha after the match. In this mode, soccer matches are played just like soccer matches in general. That is, the score is the main point to win. Usually, this uses a knockout and is similar to sparring with other teams.

The third is Seasonal Mode. Seasonal Mode is a game mode that is like a soccer match like a soccer league in general. EA Sports, which has pocketed a license from the UEFA Cup, certainly makes this an opportunity to seize football lovers.

The trick is that EA Sports with its FIFA Soccer uses the biggest football event in Europe to make it a game on the Android platform. With this Seasonal Mode, users will feel the feel of a UEFA Cup match like the original match.

Unlike the attack mode and live event, which is a one-round mini game. Seasonal Mode is a big game that doesn’t just have one round. Instead, two innings for a total of 90 minutes.

Gacha Features and Player Market

Interestingly, every time they win a live event, the user can get the opportunity to get prizes through gacha. Yes, gacha is a random reward system that is usually found in games in general. Gacha in FIFA Soccer is a gacha in the form of players, nutritional intake, and many more prizes in the form of players’ needs to support their players.

In addition, this game also has a Market. This market feature is intended for users who want to sell or buy their players. The market system here does not have a fixed price, but through an auction system with a predetermined initial price and bid value. Usually, the best offer will get the player.

Well, still curious about FIFA Soccer? Immediately download this game on your favorite gadget. Then play with friends!

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