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Best Football Game on Android, Football Strike



Football Strike Wallpaper

The best Android soccer game Football Strike started to crawl and dominate the smartphone platform in the sports genre . Football Strike provides online features for players who want to play multiplayer with their friends. This game is certainly suitable for fans of football and football games.

This article will discuss the football game Football Strike, both in terms of gameplay and features and specifications. This game certainly provides many features that encourage players to interact against other people and friends online.

Let’s look at some of the features of this Android football game that might attract the attention of players to install this game.

Game Specifications and Where to Download Football Strike

This game has a memory specification of 57 MB and is generally compatible with all Android devices. Of course, many players wonder whether entering a football game on Android makes the atmosphere of the game different? Fortunately, this game did not disappoint many fans of soccer games.

This game is more focused on the concept of PvP between players, so an internet connection is needed for this game. This football game also tends to be a fast paced game , so it is suitable for people who don’t have much free time.

This football game can be downloaded via the Play Store, of course there the specifications needed for this game are listed quite clearly. Just search for the name Football Strike and players will be able to find this game in both apps.

Game Concept

Football Strike has a PvP concept between players with different roles. Players will face each other, one player has a striker role while the other player’s role is a goalkeeper. This game looks simple, but actually there are tips and tricks so that players can play more reliably.

This game focuses on the gameplay between striker and goalkeeper , compared to strategy games like FIFA football games. Players can focus and feel how it feels to be a striker who wants to penetrate the opponent’s defense.

In addition, players can also experience immersive keeper to prevent the ball from entering the goal.

Trying to capture the soccer experience on a smartphone is not an easy task, but this game is able to attract the attention of football fans because of its immersive action.

Gameplay Details

This game has two modes, namely free kicks and shooting race . One of these modes encourages players to play PvP against enemies as equal or even stronger. Meanwhile, other modes encourage players to practice as a goalkeeper or striker.

This exercise is good so that players can determine the speed and angle that is advantageous to defend or attack the opponent. This game provides tutorials against fellow beginners in detail and clearly. Provide practical live tutorials against real players. The game is competitive and requires in-game coins for PvP.

This coin will be at stake, the losing player loses the coin while the winner gets the coin. The harder the difficulty, the more coins you can earn and lose. So many players will play seriously in order to avoid the penalty of losing coins.

In addition to losing coins, players will also be lowered from the top rank to match the player’s abilities.

So it’s a good idea for players to collect coins first before PvP with opponents. Tips to win from the opponent is to exhaust the opponent with the player’s speed. If the player wins, the player can get costumes and equipment related to football.

The gameplay of this game is quite simple by simply pressing and pressing the screen, while arranging which angle can be used to break into the opponent’s defense. This football game also provides target practice where players can practice to improve their abilities.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Playing Football Strike

This game certainly provides PvP features as its main focus, making it suitable for players who like to interact with other players and are competitive. Well, the simplicity of this game is also suitable for players who don’t like complex games.

In addition, the graphics and gameplay system of this game is not easy to drain smartphone batteries. Some players claim that he can play for 90 minutes without experiencing a lot of smartphone battery drain.

The design of this game is good and pleasing to the eye, especially from the perspective of the goalkeeper and striker. The beautiful environment and graphics of this football game give fantastic experience. This game makes the reality of football drama feel realistic when played.

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Football Strike is arguably lacking in promotion and hype at the time of its release, so not many people know the quality of this game. Plus it’s not uncommon for soccer game players to feel dissatisfied with Android soccer games. Even so, this game still attracts the attention of many football fans.

This is evidenced by the beauty of the graphics and gameplay of this football game so that this game is designated as the 10 best football games on Android. This game does not quite support solo play, because basically this game is based on competition and race.

So maybe this game is not suitable for players who want to play alone or solo.

Reviews and Ratings

On average, this game has a rating of 4.3 on Android. This game has a total of 228,651 reviews. The Android rating in terms of gameplay, graphics, and controls is 4.3. The majority of player reviews are positive, one of the reasons is the tournament features every year such as a football championship.

Another positive comment about this game is that the gameplay is quite simple and requires a low attention span . So this game does not disturb the concentration of many players. The graphics and background music of this game match the theme of the game.

Well, in addition to positive reviews, there are also negative reviews about this one football game. Some examples are connectivity that suddenly drops or the matchmaking system is not good. For example, it is possible for a low level player to be paired with a high level player so this makes the lower level player nervous.

Generally this connectivity is caused by server signals or bugs in the game.


Well, from the reviews and reviews given in this article, players more or less understand the specifications and gameplay of this football game. Which of course is immersive and full of action.

While this smartphone game play isn’t flashy, it’s guaranteed to delight fans of action-loving soccer players.

For fans of football games like FIFA, you may feel the difference in gameplay that is surprising and lacking, because the gameplay focuses only on action and not the full strategy of soccer games However, this game is an option for gamers who just want the action.

This game may seem unusual at first, because it changes the soccer game that is generally played on consoles or PCs into a mini version. However, for the size of a smartphone game, this game is popular and immersive for football fans. This is because of the shrewdness of game developers in making fun games, so many players claim to be addicted to Football Strike.

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