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7 Best Android Games



7 Android Games 2021

7 android games 2021 – In the world of gaming, the latest innovations are the most anticipated as well as game remakes. Moreover, the presence of Android-based smartphones makes game lovers more and more.

This also affects well-known game developers to release the best Android games. There are 7 recommendations for Android 2021 games that are a pity to miss.

Where these games come from various genres. The latest supertogel game in 2021 is synonymous with high-quality HD graphics. Also equipped with a clear sound. So that players are really spoiled and enjoy an extraordinary gaming experience.

7 Best Android Games, Most Recent

The following 7 recommendations for Android 2021 games are perfect to accompany your spare time. Immediately download via Google PlayStore and don’t miss other players. Check this out!

1. Warhammer: Odyssey

7 Android Games 2021

Previously, this one game could only be played via the PlayStation console. However, over time the MMO RPG Warhammer: Odyssey is compatible to be played via Android-based smartphones.

In this game, players will go on an adventure in the world of Old World. The players also have to open new areas as they travel. No need to worry about getting lost because Travel Points are available. Wharmmer: Odysey is the latest RPG genre game which is equipped with fantastic 3D graphics.

2. Assault Bots (Early Access)

One of the best 2021 android game recommendations is Assault Bots. The advantages of this game are characters that can be selected with customization and control over the robot character. The character played is a robot that can be modified according to the creativity of the player.

3. Inked

Inked can be said to be a premium version of the Android game which is a shame if you don’t try it. Released by game developer, Nuverse. The main concept of the Inked puzzle game because the genre is basically a brain teaser.

One of the advantages of the Inked game is a charming graphic display. Just imagine, you will see the appearance of an exotic painting made from ink. Players are tasked with solving the main mystery by playing the character “Nameless Hero”.

4. Speed ​​Fever – Street Racing Car (Early Access)

Speed ​​Fever – Street Racing Car is called the most challenging racing game in 2021. Can be played with demo and premium versions which are equipped with the most complete features. Players will go through a variety of challenges and different trajectory routes.

Where each route can be tried according to the level that has been reached. One of the elements that makes this game fun is the 3D graphic display which is packed with quality. In addition, players can also choose the sports car they want.

5. Darkrise – Pixel Classic Action RPG (Early Access)

The android game 2021 which has an RPG genre is Darkrise – Pixel Classic Action RPG. It can be said to be a popular game this year with a myriad of the latest innovations. Now the presence of Darkrise is equipped with a choice of classic themes and HD graphics. There are 3 main playable characters, namely Alice, Kira, and Gordic.

6. Doodle Jump 2

Doodle Jump 2 is a sequel to the game series from Doodle Jump 1. It is rated as a game that displays a theme almost the same as its predecessor series. The difference is the presence of several new satge complete with more difficult challenges.

7. Epic Raft: Fighting Zombie Shark Survival Games

Epic Raft – Fighting Zombie Shark Survival Games is one of the newest survivor genre games. The players must survive in the middle of the high seas. Meanwhile, in the sea itself there are sharks ready to eat it. Players can use various resources for survival such as building a raft. / Dy

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